Exclusive Modelmanagement founded in Norway 2014.

Vibe International is renowned for scouting, developing and managing some of the most outstanding models and talent.We cooperate with top agencies around the world.Models with the most unique look and potential will successfully be signed abroad with Vibe International as their Mother Agency.This ensure the models carrier is handled in a safe environement while being given the opportunity to work with the best fashion designers and brands nationally and internationally.

Founder: Lilian Kristensen.Educated at The Ballet Academy in Sweden.Qualified choreographer and dance instructor.She taught ballet to children, youths and adults both in Norway and London for several years.Now as a model mentor and runway coach her tecnique gives model a unique combination of grace, style, attitude and coordination ensuring each models runway skills are professional and updated on the latest styles on the runway.

As a previous model and professional dancer with 15 years of industry experience, she has developed "the eye" for finding the most exciting new faces.Once accepted in to the agency, she will be a devoted model mum developing each new face with dedication and profound mentoring skills, giving Vibe a friendly, dynamic and family style atmosphere.

Vibe International: Boutique style agency with two divisions : Models and Special Bookings.

Model division : Representing models who meets high end industry demands for looks and height at all times.

Special Bookings : Specialize in commercial opportunities for talent and people.

We specialize in image building for both departments.

With clients come from across the high end market within fashion, commercial, digital and broadcast.We pride ourselves in making sure each successful model understand and appreciate their responsibility as our brand ambassador and role model.

 Lili Kristensen - founder of Vibe International

Lili Kristensen - founder of Vibe International