Want to be a model?

Please follow these guidelines and requirements :

Female : Must be age between 15-23 years.Height between 1.75cm-1.80cm

Male : Must be age between 16-30 years.Height between 1.84cm-1.92cm

How to apply : 

1. Please email two photographs : One head shot and one full lenght.

The headshot must be 100% natural and without any make-up.

The full length photo must be natural and not posed.

Please wear a plain top and normal jeans or trousers.

2. Please state the following : 

- Where you are located: country and city, 

- Your age, 

- Please tell us if you have any previous modeling experience.

3. Photo quality : The photos does not have to be professional. However if you have previous modeling experience please email to us 5 photos from your portfolio together with the photos as described above.

Standard procedure : We will contact you for casting if we believe you have potential. Successful candidates accepted to join Vibe will receive a personal management plan which includes help with creating a portfolio.

Send your information with photos to:

Email: lili.kristensen@gmail.com  

We wish you welcome!